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Cloud Service Providers in Oman

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Why to choose Netlink as a “cloud service providers in Oman”? With Netlink, we have got fully covered. Supporting any workload environment? Done! Securely run your business on the most advanced cloud platform ever built? Not a problem! Any application type? Sure!

Cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.


Netlink has the deep expertise to demystify cloud computing for you and helps clients navigate the cloud landscape, implement the most appropriate cloud strategies for fastest results, and provide full-stack cloud applications and infrastructure management services with a focus on ease of use and customer service.

Google Apps
Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools & software offered on a subscription basis by Google.

Google Apps features various reliable and secure web applications, similar to traditional office suites, in order to create several Google products like word documents, spreadsheets and presentations collaboratively and access them from other enterprise applications using Google APIs.

Office 365
Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). Office 365 includes plans for use at home and for business.

Office 365 provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms. Whether you’re working online or off, from your computer, tablet, or phone, Office 365 has you covered. You have control over your data security and compliance with privacy, transparency, and refined user controls built right in.

Force.com is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. SalesForce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system offering a leading cloud computing platform concept that allows employees collaborate easily and connect with customers like never before.

With evolution in Salesforce integration techniques, customers demand for more and more advanced services that can be satiated by extending existing features. Salesforce offers developer tools for third party developers that can be used to extend its feature set.

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